We are the masters of makings, the culture creators, the dreamers of dreams.
We encourage creativity by providing purposefully designed workshops and products to spark new ideas. We are Open House Creative, a place where adults and kids; novices and masters can come together to create the unexpected.Our workshops are not just for ‘creatives’ but for those who crave to know more. Our mission is simple: take professional art ideas and break them down into such a way that anyone can begin to understand the fundamentals of Color Theory or Neo-pop Realism.

Youth Program
Our kid’s program is rooted in inventive thinking and focuses on the future-youth of scientists, mathematicians and designers who will use creative problem solving skills to become the game changers of tomorrow. We work with charter, private, and public schools to bring you workshops in pen and ink, painting, design, color theory, ceramics and more.

Adult Program
Our adult programs are an ever changing collaborative project consisting of monthly workshops, artists talks, creative forums, and events. We team up with some seriously inspiring people to give you a look inside the vast creative world of design, photography, fiber, printmaking, metal and more. Through our workshops, special events, and art shows, we aim to expand the boundaries of today’s art education, making the world just a little more RAD!

Be with us.


//////////  THE FOUNDERS  //////////

Kameron Campbell


The boring but important stuff:

Bachelors of Arts Degree from CSULB in Studio Arts with a focus in Design.

The really good stuff:

Kameron Campbell is synonymous with “crooked nose” in Gaelic. It also translates to Graphic Artist, Color Theorist, post city dweller and world explorer. She believes in sustainable, beautiful art practices and is inspired by the mark-makings of P. Klee and Picasso. Her background is filled with paint splatters and messy hands; she founded Creative Creatures & Co, a young artists collective in 2012 and has since dedicated her time to instilling Creative Confidence in Southern California’s youth. She loves the challenge of bringing college level ideas to kids art education and is excited to foster this concept with the art education happening at Open House Creative.

Michele Lujan


The boring but important stuff:

Bachelor of Arts, California Teaching Credential, and Masters in Education at Concordia University, Irvine 

The really good stuff:

After several years of teaching under her belt, Michele chose to become a domestic wizard and share her wisdom by homeschooling her mini humans. Whether she's out exploring with her family, looking after her menagerie of animals (yes, she owns goats), you will rarely find Michele just sitting down. She is the ever optimistic blonde that loves coffee and a good dance movie. Although Michele loves color, she feels most herself in black or as Batman puts it, ”I only work in black and sometimes very, very dark grey.”

Sophie St-Onge


The boring but important stuff:

Graduate from Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada with a Bachelor in Graphic Communication and a certificate in Fine Art.

The really good stuff:

Sophie is our in house french translator (Excuse her French…). Her history is vibrant in design; she has been an Art director in the Action Sports industry for over 12 years and the Co-Founder and former Creative director for Mini and Maximus. She’s our brand boss who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what is expected. Whether she’s designing graphics or a marketing campaign, she’ll do it with her effortlessly RAD imagination that has made her who she is today. She will say her creativity comes from her everyday life filled with two hilarious little 1/2 french humans and her love for finding the next generation of artists. If you can’t find her, check the kitchen, she is probably heating up her coffee for the 5th time today.

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